Healthier Skin

Only HydraFacial uses patented technology to cleanse, extract, and hydrate. HydraFacial super serums are made with nourishing ingredients that create an instantly gratifying glow.

HydraFacial is more than just a facial. It’s an experience. A feeling. A confidence booster. It goes deeper than skin deep and reaches within. Bringing out your confidence through healthy, glowing skin.

HydraFacial technology is unique. And so are the amazing results it achieves. After just one treatment you’ll look and feel great. Instantly. And the more treatments you have – the healthier your skin becomes.


All the key benefits of HydraFacial and perfect for anyone with a busy lifestyle.
4 Steps – Exfoliation – Face peel – Extractions – Antioxidants & Hyaluronic Acid 

Treatment time: 30 mins


Platinum Hydrafacial Treatment (Previously Skin Health for Life)
The most requested and no1 popular choice, this is our 6 in 1 original Hydrafacial.
6 Steps – Lymphatic Drainage – Exfoliation – Face Peel – Extractions – Bespoke skin booster – Antioxidants & Hyaluronic Acid – LED Rejuvenation light. 

Treatment time: 60 mins


Exclusive Hydrafacial experience incorporating all the best of our add on treatment options giving you the ultimate deep cleansing, exfoliating, skin rejuvenating, skin tightening, smoothing and plumping treatment experience
10 Steps – Lymphatic Drainage – Exfoliation – Face Peel – Extractions – Skin Booster of Choice – Antioxidants & Hyaluronic Acid – LED Rejuvenation light + Full face & neck RF Skin Tightening + Hydrafacial Perk Lips or Hydrafacial Perk Eyes + Hand & Arm Massage.

Treatment time: 120 mins


HydraFacial Perk is a very popular ‘refresh’ treatment designed to hydrate and brighten the skin around the eyes and to exfoliate, hydrate and add plumpness to the lips. It can be given as an ‘add-on’ or a stand-alone treatment and, with treatment times of around only 15 minutes, it is ideal for anyone wanting an instant revitalisation or refresh of these areas.

HydraFacial Perk uses patented roller-flex technology to deliver key ingredients and serums to the chosen treatment area. For the outer-eye area, which is often prone to dryness, bags and lines and wrinkles, a HydraFacial Perk treatment will give the skin an instant ‘boost’ while firming and brightening the area and will provide immediate and long-lasting results. For the lips, which can be particularly prone to dehydration, ingredients such as peppermint and peony extract deliver lasting hydration and enhance plumpness.

Both HydraFacial Perk treatments are given in-clinic, with a take home serum also provided for daily application to maximise longevity of results.