Combining health, fitness & wellness knowledge

"What a lovely facial procedure at the Bio Clinic this afternoon. Every step was explained by Ruth who is an exceptional expert in her field. Looking forward to a return visit in the near future."

Lesley, November, 2021

Dental Practice


Bio Skin Clinic (Stonehaven), was launched in June 2018 by Ruth Strachan with the vision of offering a less aggressive approach to medical aesthetics.  The emphasis of the Bio Skin Clinic is focused on offering results driven treatments.  Each treatment not only enhances visual looks but also addresses overall health and wellbeing.  It is Ruth’s ultimate goal to help clients become the very best version of themselves, both inside and out. 

"After 4 sessions of Power Muscle stimulation, I am thinking about claiming the cost of trouser braces to keep my trousers up, it has changed my curvature."

Jim, November, 2022


Bio Skin Clinic and SDH Fitness have joined forces to open the Bio Wellness retail shop. These premises on Evan street in Stonehaven stock a variety of products to help you feel and function better.

To further expand the skin clinic based around the corner on Barclay Street, advanced treatments are also offered at these premises.

Treatments include body contouring, pelvic floor treatment, tailored massages for wellness, facial treatments and health tests.


meet the team

Combining medical expertise, passion and wellness knowledge.


Ruth Strachan


With experience in Health and Wellbeing spanning over 25 years, Ruth’s career has included working at one of Aberdeen’s large salons as a beauty therapist. This city centre salon was highly advanced for its time becoming one of the first salons to offer CACI in Scotland and during her time there, Ruth chose to specialise in non-surgical face lifts and weight loss therapies. After a couple of years as Beauty Therapist, Ruth was looking for a new challenge and decided to study nursing. It was within nursing that she found her passion for patient teaching and preventative health. For the next 11 years, Ruth specialised in the field of Public Health within the NHS before deciding to pursue a career in Medical Aesthetics. Having also worked in Occupational Health, she has gained a valuable insight into everyday conditions which impact on the working population. Some of the most common complaints being musculo-skeletal and mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Ruth is an advocate of empowering clients to take control back through diet, lifestyle and treatments to enhance their overall health and wellbeing. Having gained experience at one of Scotland’s top aesthetic clinics, Ruth found her niche – taking a holistic view of skin and health using less aggressive approaches. Ruth’s approach and philosophy for the Bio Skin Clinic is to ‘Do no harm’. She believes only in using and recommending products and treatments which do not pose any risk to her clients, using products which are free from chemical nasties - free from carcinogens. The products she chooses to use in the clinic never compromise on efficacy or results achieved. Married with her holistic approach to health and wellbeing, Ruth also extends her therapies to also focus on nutrition and health and the links between dietary intolerances and nutritional imbalances which impact on general health.


Steve Doidge-Harrison

Personal Trainer

Steve views health and fitness as his calling. From a young age, his interests have always revolved around playing sport, being physical, and staying healthy. These days, [Steve, now over 50] Enjoys competing in extreme endurance events such as Ironman Triathlons to ultramarathons. Steve has spent over 30 years as a trainer and health coach. His personal training business [SDH Fitness] won Best Health and Fitness in Scotland, 2022. You could say that his ‘passion-project’ for most of that time has been to learn the best way to increase one’s healthspan. Your healthspan is all about maximising health, vitality, and independence for your whole life, not just living longer with slowly deteriorating health. I now have a deep understanding of what works, what is backed by science and, most important, what is practicable. At Bio Health, we offer treatments, supplements, and advice that you know has stood the test of time.